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Well now that we have gotten down to the nitty-gritty of lashing from our previous blog. Let’s talk about what happens when it’s time to get re-lashed! As you may or may not know, lash extensions are a super great way to add depth and dimension to your lashes without the fuss of mascara. However, with anything beauty related there is always a maintenance side to it. Like hair, your lashes naturally shed – in this case, you’ll shed about 1-5 lashes per day, so don’t fret when you see a few of your extensions missing, it’s simply because your natural lashes are shedding (with the extensions). So let’s dive in and talk about re-lashing those flutters!

Before your touch-up, we have to always clean your lashes to be free of any makeup and or dust particles, this will prevent any irritants on your lash line and makes for longer lasting extensions. Next, we comb through your lashes to see which ones have grown out over the past 3-4 weeks and safely remove them. When your lashes grow out, you’ll notice some extensions may be sitting at the ends of your natural lashes which could cause damage and will not be consistent with your new fluffers. Hence, removal and re-lashing are important in order to maintain shape and neatness after your touch-up. Extensions will also be applied on any newly grown lashes that might have sprouted since your lash appointment (only if it is strong enough to hold the extension). This includes, a re-lash for extensions that have fallen off due to rubbing of the eyes (yes, we will find out if you do), or has been exposed to oils from make-up or creams.

Remember, we work with your natural lash length! We take our clients lash health and safety very seriously, therefore, for those who have strong and longer lashes, we will apply a longer extension length. For those with shorter lashes, we apply for a shorter extension. The reason being is because, that could potentially mean your lashes are still in the growing phase, and we if applied for a longer extension, this could agitate your lash line when it grows and pushes the extension forward, the effects will be dropping lashes! (not a good look).

Since we work with your natural lashes, every lash touch-up might look slightly different based on the condition of your lashes at the time of the appointment and how long it has been since your new set. More importantly at any touch-up appointment – a nap is highly recommended!  Client relax

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